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~~~~~~ Limited ~~~~~~


Yule Blessings

Bring in the light, love and blessings. Yule is a time of celebrating the rebirth of the Sun during Yule/ Winter Solstice. On this longest night of the year, something within us needs to know that at the end of the longest night, there will be light. Even in the darkest of times, the sun is still within us and will rise again.

Rose Moon

Its all about the power of the sun and the moon coming together for the ultimate self-love ritual. Helps you find that power inside of you to bring forward happiness and love, to ignite the fire element in your soul. What do you want and need? What do you need to change? Let it all come forward.

Flower Moon

This super full moon, a blood moon, is powerful! It's energy grows each day as it gets closer. It's a great time to manifest your desires, your dreams and your wishes. This moon will help you to see more clearly the things you need in your life. When you come from a place of clarity and balance, you're able to keep your focus. Let all of the things that you don't need fall away. Time to forgive yourself of the past and move on. Remember, when you forgive yourself, you heal, and when you let go, you grow.

Ostara Moon

Blending the spring Equinox and the worm moon. Set with Intentions For new beginnings, abundance, rebirth, renewal and new growth. To Welcome spring and celebrate Mother Earth.

Black Moon

Also known as the dark goddess moon, this is the 2nd of two new moons in a single month. For balancing light and dark, assisting in spellwork, helping to grow into a stronger version of yourself.

Hare Moon

An amazing moon energy of new life, new beginnings, and growth. To me, the hare also represents luck and prosperity. Spring is in the air and now is the time to plant the seeds you want in your life.

Soul Memories

Along with meditation, this can help you get clarity, find connections and receive beautiful messages so you can heal yourself from past trauma, fear, pain or just to get a better understanding of yourself. Discover your Soul Memories.

Enchanted Heart

A special blend of The Blessing and The Lotus. Intentions are set to guide you toward love and light, keep your love pure and help you to retain.

Blackened Heart

Combining the Guardian and the Lotus to repair and heal lingering toxins while bringing love and light back in.  


~~~~~~ Intentions ~~~~~~




The Guardian

For protection; to heal and shield

Reversal of Misfortune

Banishing; to help remove negativity


Center and balance your inner being

The Lotus

For peace love and relaxation; soul awareness

Full Moon

For spiritual lifting and purification; use on a full moon

Psychic Healing

Helping to ground you and connect you to your inner light

The Blessing

To disconnect you from negative energy

Sixth Sense

Help awaken your spiritual mind, body and soul


To de-clutter, opening a window to the mind


To uplift, promote happiness and remove feelings of stress


Healing scars of the past, preventing new and revitalizing the future


Helping to spiritually guide you through your dreams


A spiritual journey, guiding you to your destined timeline in life, preventing a repeat of previous downfalls


To help ground, balance and bless you on your journeys


Promoting energy, happiness and warmth using the power of the sun

New Moon

For new beginnings, fresh starts, to honor your past and connect with your higher self


A guide for your journey, promoting focus and balance while giving energy, healing and grounding


Raise vibrations, brighten aura colors, ground center and protect you from negative energy fields


Work on your shadow self, bind and banish, assist in removing unwanted spells and curses, for divination use when at a crossroads

Dream Realm

For a deep and peaceful sleep, promoting positive love and light, removing feelings of anxiety


For grounding, shielding and centering and to tune out bad vibes and restore your positive energy 


Surrounds you with peace, love and healing energies, engulfs you with beautiful light energy

~~~~~~ Sprays ~~~~~~

Smudge Spray

Used to banish negativity, bad energies and uneasy feelings in the air

Blessed Be

Similar to Smudge Spray, but for setting positive intentions on yourself, a facial and body toner made with witch hazel

Altar Clear

For your altar, use as a ritual cleansing, for blessing and neutralizing your space and tools and to begin fresh while removing lurking energies

Romani Water

My very own version of Florida Water, using only essential oils and organic herbs to create this special blend

The Gods

Brings healing energy to your soul, excellent for meditation, guidance, grounding and a tool to help you come back to center

~~~~~~ Teas ~~~~~~

Dream Plane Tea

A selective blend of herbs to relax your body and calm your mind. For your souls spiritual journey to learn, grow and receive messages on the dream plane field. Brings stillness, clarity and healing energy for your physical being.


Created for these difficult times. Intentions are set to bring harmony, ease stress levels, purify and heal, brighten your aura and bring calmness to your soul.

Moon Milk Tea

Moon Magick is used to plant your seed and set your intentions. Helps ground and clear, activates your 3rd eye, assists with divination work and brings psychic awareness.

Seer Tea

Helps to open your 3rd eye chakra and align you to your psychic abilities. For receiving messages, visions and connections. Use during readings and rituals and before meditation and astral projection.  

Chakra Tea

Blending together all of the chakras using organic herbs, Helping to balance and align your mind, body and soul.

Romani Tea

A Special blend of several of my intentions, focusing on love, peace, relaxation, prosperity and positive blessings.



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